ZeroedIn Workforce Analytics

ZeroedIn Workforce Analytics


The ZeroedIn workforce analytics skill gives clients immediate updates and insights about their workforce from ZeroedIn using only their voice. Any workforce insight managed by ZeroedIn can be retrieved and delivered via Alexa. Users can specify a date period or a filter, such as a department or job title, when asking Alexa for facts and flash briefings. ZeroedIn automatically applies user security in order to control access to sensitive information and restrict users to only the data that their company authorizes them to hear.Installation and configuration is simple. You install the ZeroedIn skill via the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet device. Once installed, you must link your ZeroedIn workforce analytics user account with the ZeroedIn skill in order to use it. To link your account, you must have your ZeroedIn user account and password ready. Select the option to link your account. ZeroedIn will present a login form to enter your user account and password. Once your credentials are validated, ZeroedIn will ask you to authorize or deny access to your account via Alexa. Choose “Authorize”. You are now ready to use the ZeroedIn skill.Using the ZeroedIn Skill for Amazon AlexaOnce the ZeroedIn skill is installed and your account is linked, you can invoke the skill at any time by issuing one of these commands to Alexa:“Open ZeroedIn” or “Ask ZeroedIn”There are two main services supported by the ZeroedIn skill. One is retrieving a set of key measure data points, and the other is retrieving a flash briefing. These services are also supported by a few others, such as updating your profile with a list of valid key measures, updating your profile with a list of flash briefings, listing the key measures that are available to you, and listing the flash briefings that are available to you.For new users, you must first ask Alexa to update your profile with your key measures and flash briefings. Issue the following command to Alexa:”Alexa, ask ZeroedIn to update my profile.”Alexa will retrieve the same key measures and flash briefings that are available to you in the ZeroedIn workforce analytics suite. To hear a list of available key measures, flash briefings, or to describe a specific key measure in more detail issue the following commands to Alexa:”Alexa, ask ZeroedIn to list my key measures.””Alexa, ask ZeroedIn to list my flash briefings.””Alexa, ask ZeroedIn to describe {title of a key measure}” You will use the title of the key measure or flash briefing in your ultimate request to retrieve the fact or flash briefing from ZeroedIn. For instance, if one of your key measures is “Employee Turnover”, you can issue the following command to Alexa:”Alexa, ask ZeroedIn, what is Employee Turnover”.By default, ZeroedIn will return data for the current monthly period. To specify another period , use keywords such as Month, Quarter, or Year. To specify a date, you can use short or full date notation depending on the period (e.g. June 2016; March 31, 2017; 2016). For example, you can issue the following command to Alexa:”Alexa, ask ZeroedIn, what is Employee Turnover for the quarter ending March 31st 2018″To retrieve a flash briefing, you must first have one or more flash briefings created in ZeroedIn and available to you. Any custom flash briefings can be created via the ZeroedIn report writer. You must specify the title of the flash briefing in your request to Alexa. For example, you can issue the following command to Alexa:”Alexa, ask ZeroedIn for a flash briefing on Recruiting”.By default, ZeroedIn will return the flash briefing report for the current monthly period if a specific period and/or date is not specified. Please visit the ZeroedIn customer support portal for additional instructions on using the ZeroedIn Workforce Analytics Skill for Amazon Alexa.


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