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"Alexa tell word converter to convert example phrase to a number"
"Alexa ask word converter for help"
"Alexa tell word converter to convert example phrase"


Imagine a situation where you need to find out which word is better: ‘this’ or ‘like’. Instead of looking up which is most commonly used, or any other normal solution, you decide you want to ask you Amazon Echo. Now, normally, you can’t do this, as Amazon has no need to make a tool to convert words or phrases to numbers, but don’t worry, because, with Word to Number, you can! Simply ask your echo to convert a word or phrase (you can spell it out too!) to a number, and it will tell it to you. So, now you can see that like is at 135, while this is only at 75. From this, you can logically conclude that like is a better word than this. Another example is of youtube. Yes, the amount of subscribers is a good way to tell how good a channel is, but is it enough? Using this tool, you can see that subscribers don’t matter. Even though pewdiepie has over 50% more subs than markiplier, he is only at 286, while mark is at 342, proving markiplier to be a better channel than pewdiepie, and that subs make no difference.


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