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"Alexa open Word Play"


*** UPDATE ***
Season 2 has begun! With some updated game mechanics, Season 2 won’t be as easy. Good Luck! –
Congratulations to our top 3 players from Season 1!
JOERO (560 words solved)
DEBBY (559 words solved)
TONYS (340 words solved)

We are amazed at your skills and you have truly earned your spot as one of the best players at WORDPLAY!

See the rest of the top 100 at http://stokedskills.com/wordplay/leaderboard.html

Compete with friends and players around the world in WordPlay using only wits and your words! WordPlay is a brand new game-show-like experience for Alexa!

Your task is to solve the hidden five letter words, with only the first (or first few) letters given to you. With each guess Alexa will tell you how close you are – which letters were right, which were wrong, and which ones were misplaced.

In our single player challenge, you need to solve as many words as possible before you run of of lives. Single player starts out a little easier, with three letters per word, but ramps up quickly. As you progress through the game you will earn more lives and even special powerups to help you along the way. If you can make it to the top 100 scorers, you will earn bragging rights and be able to enter the Word Play leaderboard! Check out the leaderboard at http://stokedskills.com/wordplay/leaderboard.html and try to beat your friends!

In our multiplayer mode you can compete head to head with your friends and family. You will be taking turns solving words – every three incorrect guesses play will pass on to the next player. If a word you’ve seen comes back to you, you have the option to skip that word, or continue playing it again. First to three is the winner!!!

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. If you are stuck thinking you can ask for more time during a guess. This will play our theme song while you can have a little longer to think. If you are playing with friends who take too long, you can decide between yourselves how many ‘more time’s to allow.

2. If you forget the last guess you can always say “repeat last guess” and Alexa will repeat your last guessed word, and which letters were correct. She will also write out all your previous guesses to the Alexa App.

3. Writing your guesses down in single player is not cheating! You can write down your guesses to help you make the most informed next guesses. That’s part of the fun. When you play multiplayer however you’ll have to stick to your house rules! (Some fun ways to play can be to limit or not use ‘more time’ at all, to prevent players from writing down guesses or looking up words, or you can allow the use of phones)

4. If you have a big family try playing in teams! Just don’t give out any clues too loud in case the word gets passed over to the other team.

5. Make sure to save your powerups for when you really need them!

—–Power Ups—– (Only available in single player mode)
Word Wipe: Wipe a tough word away and replace it with a new one
Vowel Volcano: Bring forth all the vowels in your word and their locations
Lucky Letter: Reveal a random letter in the word that you have not guessed yet

**** Powerup Pack ****

This is a new and paid feature. If you need that extra boost, you can purchase a powerup pack. This grants you 3 or 4 random powerups for single player games. They even carry over to your next games! These c…


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