WiFi Code

WiFi Code


Mark Einhorn


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open WiFi code"
"Alexa, stop"


** This skill will not work for WiFi that requires login to a web page after connection. **

This skill is a very new idea. If you have any problems with it, please email us at [email protected] so we can help you directly.

This skill allows devices to connect to your WiFi network by merely saying “Alexa, open Wifi code”. Pretty cool. You can say “Alexa, stop” to have the skill stop at anytime.

Using the WiFi Code skill, you can have guests connect to your guest WiFi network without directly giving them your password.

If you’re a business, multiple customers can easily connect to your WiFi at the same time, just by listening to the WiFi Code skill.

This Alexa skill plays a special audio file that sound like “chirping”. This audio is listened to and decoded by a special mobile app. The “chirping” audio contains your WiFi credentials.

Two things need to be done for this skill to work:
1) One time setup: You need to account link this skill and set up your WiFi credentials.
2) Users of your WiFi network need to download the “Chirp Me” listener app to listen to the special audio that this skill plays. Currently the “Chirp Me” app is only available for Android on the Google Play and Amazon app store. We’re working on an iOS app.

One-time account linking setup:
1) In the Alexa app, enable the WiFi Code skill. Press “settings”, then press “link account”
2) Select the checkbox that you will only use this skill for a public WiFi access point
3) Enter your email address, WiFi SSID, and WiFi password
4) Select the “WiFi is hidden” checkbox if you are not broadcasting your SSID
5) Press submit
6) Check your email for a WiFi skill activation link. Click it. If you didn’t receive it, check your junk mail. If you still can’t find it, disable the skill and start at step 1. If you still can’t find the activation email, contact us at [email protected]

You can search for the “Chirp Me” app on the Amazon app and Google Play stores. Search for “Chirp Me” or “Chirp Me Einhorn”

The Chirp Me app automatically goes into listen mode when it’s opened. If the “Chirp Me” app button says “Start Listening”, then click it to start listening for Chirp audio files.

If the Chirp Me app displays “no data found” this means it couldn’t either “hear” or understand the Chirp being played. The problem may be one of several issues:

1) Did you enter the SSID and password 100% correctly?
2) The Alexa device might not be playing the Chirp file loud enough for the app to hear it properly. Fix: turn up the volume on the Alexa device.
3) The microphone on your mobile device is too far away from the Alexa device. Fix: Bring your mobile device closer to Alexa and face the mic towards the Alexa speaker.
4) Your device case might be covering the microphone and muffling the audio. I had this problem with a rubber Kindle Fire case. Fix: If the case is the issue, you will need to remove it.

As a cool bonus, this skill generates a QR code with your WiFi credentials that is sent to your Alexa app. This can be used as an alternative means of WiFi connection. You can share the QR code with users who have a QR code reader that can connect to WiFi.
Currently, this skill should be used …


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