Washing Line

Washing Line


Adam Solkar


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Washing Line"
"Alexa, ask Washing Line, When should I dry my clothes"
"Alexa, ask Washing Line, Should I dry my clothes today"


UPDATE – Now uses location granted through the Alexa App

The Washing Line skill tells you the best day of the week to dry your clothes outside on the washing line.

Once you tell “Washing Line” your town or city it will obtain the local weather information and determine the best day to hang your clothes outside.

Washing Line will factor the amount rain and temperature during the daytime only. Based on how rainy or clear the days ahead are, it will suggest when you should hang your clothes out.

The skill will remember your city once stated, therefore avoiding the need to mention the city name for every request.

You can change the city at any time if needed.

You can use this skill by saying something like:
‘Alexa, open washing line’
‘Alexa, ask Washing Line, When is the best day to hang my washing’ or
‘Alexa, ask Washing Line, When should I dry my clothes’.


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