Voice Vault

Voice Vault


Darvins Lab LLC


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa open Voice Vault"
"Alexa ask Voice Vault to add the alarm code is 6, 1, 8, 5."
"Alexa ask Voice Vault to recall entry protected by pass phrase blue suede s...


Voice Vault will store up to 10 phrases for you.

Each phrase is protected by a pass phrase that must be said for Voice Vault to recall the protected phrase.

Additionally, you associate a decoy pass phrase and decoy phrase with each protected phrase.

After you tell Alexa the phrase you wish to store, she will walk you through setting the pass phrase, decoy phrase, and decoy pass phrase.

If you say the decoy pass phrase, then Voice Vault will recall the decoy phrase without revealing that it is not the real protected phrase.


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