Timeless Adventure

Timeless Adventure


Ted Battreall


English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, Launch Timeless Adventure"
"Alexa, Open Timeless Adventure"
"Alexa, Play Timeless Adventure"


Interactive adventure game series where you travel back in time to overt disasters caused by the villainous Dr Ian Shogrin. The evil Doctor has stolen a time machine with a malicious intent to alter history. Based loosely on the television series,Timeless, this game puts you in the driver seat to fly back in time and avert catastrophes before they occur.

Episode 1: Save the Mayflower
Dr Eli Shogrin has stolen a time machine with the intent of causing havoc on the historic Mayflower voyage. The world is relying on you to stop him. While this game is Timeless, your mission is not. Move quickly and avoid obstacles in your way to find out what dastardly deed our villain has done this time.

Episode 2: Coming Soon.

Group play works well with this game too! Play as a team or challenge your friends to see who can complete the game first.

You move through the game by selecting a command prompted in each scene. When you encounter objects, try using action commands like “examine, take, move, open, drink, or wear. For example, “Take glasses” or “Move table”. These are just some examples, try actions based on the items you see.

At any time you can issue the following commands:
Repeat Scene: To hear the entire scene again
Repeat Options: To hear your options
Go Back: To revisit the previous scene
Inventory: To see what your carrying
What Time is it?: To hear the time in the game. It may give you more than just the time if you’ve revealed certain things.(This requires a watch)
Brief Descriptions: To provide more concise responses
Verbose Descriptions: To provide more verbose responses
Hint: To get ideas of things to try
Pause: To pause game play for one minute.
Help: To hear these commands again
Start Again: To start the game over
Quit: To end the game (game will be saved)

Learn More: https://fb.me/AlexaTimelessAdventure


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