The Vortex

The Vortex


Doppio Games


English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open the vortex"
"what have we found?"
"give me a status report"


“If you don’t mind being paralysed in a stasis chamber, or potentially being burned alive, or coming face to face with an intruding alien that wants to do who-knows-what to you whilst you are in said state, then this skill is for you.”
–Dot to Dot

You have awoken on a derelict space ship, stalked by a hostile alien entity. Command a ragtag team of robots to reclaim your vessel, discover the mysteries of the past, and survive the Vortex…

– Not your father’s interactive story: An immersive narrative game designed from the ground up to be played with voice
– Built by Doppio, a voice game studio founded by BioWare alumni
– Original writing by Greg Buchanan (Writer of No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises/Next and the upcoming sequel to Epistory: Typing Chronicles)
– Friends and allies: Engaging characters that develop a relationship with you over time
– Me, me, me: A story orchestrated with you at the center
– What was that?: Hidden gameplay layers within Audio and SFX

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Update History
We update The Vortex regularly with gameplay improvements and new content!
For a complete list of updates, check out:

In-Skill Purchases
100% of The Vortex can be enjoyed entirely for free. But, if you’d like to get through the game’s story more quickly, we offer in-skill purchases of multi-gel, a consumable fuel that enables your robots to complete tasks. If you choose to purchase multi-gel, you’ll be able to complete the game sooner than if you choose to wait and discover it during the normal course of gameplay.

If you need assistance with The Vortex, or have any feedback about the game, please get in touch at

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