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Tennis MatchManager


Dana Young


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, use keeper"
"what are my options?"
"register a player"


*** Brand new for 2019 – Full support for Echo Buttons! Keep a button in your pocket, and tap it when you win a point.

Are you a tennis player? This is a skill for tennis players who are interested in advancing their game. Pros play tennis with a human umpire that coordinates flow of the match and keeps score. They get access to detailed stats. This data provides insights to improve their game. With Alexa, you can get this kind of experience at the college, club and recreational player level. Every point you play is stored so you can review statistics and trends to improve your game.

Tennis MatchManager coordinates both singles and doubles matches. You can sign in so that all match stats are stored for you long term, or skip sign in and just play. Even skipping sign in will allow you to review all the data about that particular match. In addition to the set and match scores, you can also hear:
– how long you played
– points and games won, both overall as well as just when you were serving.
– break point conversions
– break points saved
– game points won
– your longest point streak.

When signed in, these stats for a given match are also stored and compared to your historical averages.

To get started, just say ‘start a match’. If you would like to have MatchManager keep track of your match data long term, first register by saying ‘register a new player’. Registered players can be added to the match by saying ‘add players’. When a team wins a point, press the button of the corresponding player. Alexa will take it from there.

You can bring your Echo courtside, just pick up a battery, find one on
No wifi at the tennis club? Just use your phone as a hotspot.

Basic things you can say to get started:
Use any of these commands and start by saying, “Alexa, ”:
– “Start a match”
– “Register a new player”
– “Undo that” (undoes the last point or change made to the match)
– “Come On!” (when you hit an amazing shot!)
– “Tell me more things I can say”

Examples of more things you can say:
– “What’s the score?”
– “Give me a summary of the match” (get all your match statistics!)
– “What’s the set score?”
– “Who’s serve is it?”
– “Tell me about getting text messages”
– “Tell me how to set preferences”
– “Tell me ways to change the match”
– “Tell me some shortcuts” (faster ways to get right to playing)

Examples of ways that you can manually override and control the flow of the match:
– “Change who is serving”
– “Change the set score”
– “Blue team won the game” (end a game and specify a winner)
– “Start a new game” (start a new single game within the existing set)
– “Start a new set”
– “Play a tiebreaker” (7 point)
– “Play a super tiebreaker” (10 point)
– “30 All” ( If the score gets posted incorrectly, you can just say what the score should be. This is one example.)

Here are ways you can set preferences for how a match is played, and what Alexa says:
– “Set the sass-meter to zero” (or up to 10, for wise-cracks at every occasion)
– “Play with no add scoring” (convert to playing game point instead of deuce)
– “Don’t switch sides” (Alexa won’t prompt players to switch sides. Alternatively, “switch sides”)
– “turn on experienced user mode” (on/off, this keeps Alexa’s comments short)
– “turn off saying the score” (on/off, whether Alexa announces the score after each point)
– “turn off saying the serve”…


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