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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Super Buddy and leave a message for Jack"
"Alexa, ask Super Buddy to read messages for Dave"
"Alexa, open Super Buddy and leave a message"


With Super Buddy, everyone is special!

In your house, people will walk up to the Echo, open Super Buddy and say “Mom is here” to hear messages people left for her. If there aren’t any personal messages, Super Buddy still will always have something nice to say.

Bring an Echo or a Dot to work and leave it up at the reception area for some real fun.
“Tell Mommy you are the greatest mommy in the world!”
“Tell Akhil you are the best engineer in the company”

The basic commands are “Leave a message” and “NAME is here” to fetch messages, but there are some handy shortcut phrases.

You can leave multiple messages for people and they will all be saved. Each time someone checks for messages, they will hear the most recent one. If they say “Tell me another, or give me more”, they will hear a random message from the list.

The messages should be short and sweet and filled with love and encouragement.

If you want to remove a message, say “delete that message”
Note: Super Buddy will always remember the most recent person who heard their messages.

“Leave a message”
“Leave a message for NAME” ex: “Leave a message for Olivia”
“Tell NAME MESSAGE” ex:: “Tell Olivia, You’re the Best!!”
“NAME is here” ex: “Jimmy is here”
“Check messages for NAME” ex: “Messages for Dave”
“Looks like NAME has showed up” ex: “Looks like Dan has showed up”
“Erase the last message”
“Tell me another”

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