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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, start stopwatch"
"Alexa, open stopwatch"
"Alexa, ask stopwatch"


A stopwatch can be used for many things: After the start, you can always check the elapsed time (in hours, minutes, seconds). Thus, a stopwatch differs from Alexa’s default timer which rings after a definable period of time (for example, five minutes) or Alexa’s default alarm which rings at a certain time (for example, 8 o’clock).

This stopwatch is characterized by a very simple operation, with which you do not have to remember any commands, since they are announced if necessary. You use the start word, “Alexa, start stopwatch” or “Alexa, open stopwatch” or “Alexa, ask stopwatch” for all functions (start, status, reset, delete). The stopwatch is started without asking the first time or after a deletion. On the next calls the elapsed time is announced in hours, minutes, seconds. The stopwatch then suggests one the following three commands:

– “Restart”: Reset the old time first so the stopwatch starts at zero,
– “Delete”: Deletes the stopwatch so it starts automatically at zero when skill is called again,
– “Continue” or no command: Stopwatch continues.

If there are more than 24 hours between the start and the next query, the stopwatch will be reset automatically the next time you start. This does not require any of the three commands.


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