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stone text




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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open stone text"
"Alexa, ask stone text to text 'simon'"
"Alexa, ask stone text to message '1234'"


The stone service skill is the easiest hands-free way to allow users to use text services (text someone) by using MOIM-Alexa app & phone app in
‘AI phone’ which is VoIP product from Moimstone.

How it works: (sample utterances)
1. text someone or digit numbers
“Alexa, open stone text and text (someone) or (digit numbers)”
or “Alexa, ask stone text to message (someone) or (digit numbers)”
or “Alexa, ask stone text to send a message to (someone) or (digit numbers)” (** (someone) who is in phone book list of ‘AI phone’ product)
and then Alexa says “What would do like to say?”
then user maybe say “I’m waiting…”, “type, I’m waiting…” what you want to say”

** The requirement hardware is ‘Ai phone'(product name) which is VoIP phone from Moimstone.


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