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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, turn on the Bedroom lamp"
"Alexa, dim the Kitchen lights to 25%"
"Alexa, set Living room thermostat to 72 degrees"


Use Alexa with Smartenit products to control your lights, switches, dimmers, outlets, and thermostats.

Pre-requisites for Skill to work:
1. Your gateway must have Smartenit ZBPServer software version 3 or above.

2. Your gateway must have compatible devices.

Getting started:

Step 1: Select the “Enable Skill” button in the Alexa App and then login with your account

Step 2: Ask Alexa to “Find my devices”

Step 3: Control your Devices, for example:
On/Off Devices
· Alexa, turn on the Bedroom Fan
· Alexa, turn off the Living Room Lamp
· Alexa, brighten the Kitchen Light

Dimmer Devices
· Alexa, dim the Living Room Lights
· Alexa, brighten the Kitchen Lights
· Alexa, brighten the Kitchen lights to 75%
· Alexa, dim the Living Room lights to 25%

· Alexa, set Kitchen temperature to 72 degrees
· Alexa, decrease the Kitchen temperature
· Alexa, increase the Kitchen temperature

· Alexa, is my Front Door locked?
· Alexa, lock the Front Door

Color Control RGB bulbs:
· Alexa, change Bedroom lamp to Red
· Alexa, set Bedroom lamp to Blue

Color Control Tunable white bulbs:
· Alexa, change Living room lamp to warm white
· Alexa, change Living room lamp to cool white


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