Siterwell Home System

Siterwell Home System




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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, turn on Bedroom light"
"Alexa, turn on Away"
"Alexa, set Living Room Thermostat to 25 degrees"


This skill works with Siterwell Smart Home System, SiterOne Tablet. With this skill for Alexa, you can now control the devices on SiterOne such as lights, switches, dimmers, thermostats, and door locks with your voice.

Control plug / dimmer / thermostat. Change controller mode. Request temperature
-Alexa, turn on the Bedroom light
-Alexa, turn off the Kitchen light
-Alexa, turn on Away
-Alexa, set Bedroom light to 25%
-Alexa, increase Kitchen light by 30%
-Alexa, decrease Kitchen light by 30%
-Alexa, increase Living Room Thermostat by 2 degrees
-Alexa, decrease Living Room Thermostat by 3 degrees
-Alexa, set Living Room Thermostat to 25 degrees
-Alexa, what is Bedroom Switch set to
-Alexa, what is the temperature of Bedroom Temperature Sensor

Control light color
-Alexa, set Living Room Hue to red
-Alexa, change Living Room Hue to color blue

Control color temperature
-Alexa, make Living room light warm white
-Alexa, set kitchen light to daylight
-Alexa, set Living room light whiter
-Alexa, set Living room light cooler
-Alexa, make Living Room Light whiter
-Alexa, set Living Room Light warmer
-Alexa, set Living Room Light softer
-Alexa, make Living Room Light warmer

Get lock status and control
-Alexa, is Main Door locked
-Alexa, is Main Door unlocked
-Alexa, lock Main Door Lock


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