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Copy and scan documents by an MFP made by SHARP. Firstly you should register your MFP following the next instruction. 1. From the operation panel of your MFP, please start an application “Voice Operation Connector”. 2. The app shows 6 digits one-time pin. e.g. 863489 3. Say to Alexa “Alexa, ask SHARP Copier to register device.” 4. Alexa will say “To register the device, say PIN number.” Say to Alexa “863489”. (Replace 863489 with your pin) 5. Alexa will repeat pin code for confirmation. If it’s correct, please say “Yes”. 6. Alexa will say “Device successfully registered”. Now set-up is done and your Alexa is tied with your MFP. Then you can copy and scan by Alexa. At first you login to your MFP. Here are things you can ask. “Alexa, ask SHARP Copier to… “● Copy: “Copy.” “Copy with 2-sided and monochrome.” “Make 3 copies.” “Make 7 copies with stapled.” “Make a copy with monochrome.” ● Scan: “Scan document to me.” “Scan with 1-sided.” “Scan with 2-sided and monochrome.” * Scanning Options – Color Mode: Full Color / Monochrome – File Format: PDF / Image / Searchable PDF – Input Type: 1-sided / 2-sided After you ask Alexa to scan, it will repeat the command and confirm. Please answer “Yes”. If you want to change options of scanning, please answer “No” and indicate options again by the following commands. ● Update Scanning Options: “Set image.” “Set 1-sided.” “Update color.” If you want to unregister, please operate these steps. 1. Say to Alexa “Alexa, ask SHARP Copier to unregister device.” 2. Alexa unregisters your device.


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