Seventh Inning Stretch Baseball – Buttons Optional

Seventh Inning Stretch Baseball – Buttons Optional



English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Seventh Inning Stretch"
"Alexa, start Seventh Inning Stretch"
"Alexa, launch Seventh Inning Stretch"


This is a baseball simulation game using the Alexa voice platform. If you have an Echo Button, you can use it alongside your voice to add to the experience.

There are in-skill purchases available with this skill. With the premium version you can play an entire nine-inning game rather than starting in the seventh inning.

You are managing the the Blackbears baseball team. With the basic version of the game, you are starting in the bottom of the 7th inning, but down 3-2. You control each move of the game using your Alexa device. Finish the game by playing the remaining innings and try and win. The skill allows playing both roles of baseball, and switches between two modes.

Batting Mode – you control each at-bat by instructing to either “Swing” or “Take” each pitch. Listen carefully to the sound of the pitch to determine if the ball goes over the plate. If you have Echo Buttons, you can press them to simulate a swing when batting. Once you get a hit, Alexa will track the runners on base and give you updates along the way.

Pitching Mode – you control each pitch by selecting a pitch to throw – “Fastball”, “Change-up”, “Curve”, or “Slider”. Alexa is the ump and will call balls and strikes, and the opposing team will try and hit the ball and score more runs. If you have an Echo Button, just press it and Alexa will select the pitch for you.


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