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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open School Kit"
"Add games kit for Thomas for Tuesday"
"What kit do I need for Tuesday"


School Kit lets you keep track of the stuff your kids need for school.

To build up the list of kit for each day, use “Alexa, ask School Kit to add kit for Tuesday”. You’ll be prompted for the item of kit you want to add and who it is for.
Alternatively, use “Alexa, open School Kit. Add Games Kit for Thomas for Tuesday”.
You can add as many items you like for as many children as you have.

Once your kit lists are in place, use “Alexa, ask School Kit what kit I need for Tomorrow” or “Alexa, ask School Kit what kit Sarah needs on Wednesday” and Alexa will tell you what you need.

To remove items of kit, use “Alexa, ask School Kit to remove kit for Wednesday” to clear all items from Wednesday or “Alexa, open School Kit. Remove Games Kit from Thomas on Tuesday” to remove a single item.

If you have a two week timetable, you can set up two week’s worth of kit. School Kit will keep track of which week is current and tell you what kit you need. If the weeks get out of sync due to holidays, you can switch which of the two weeks is current.

First, ask Alexa to switch to a two week timetable by saying “Alexa, open School Kit. Set the timetable to two weeks.”.

School kit can only set up one week of kit at a time so add kit as described above for the first week then switch to the second. To switch between weeks say “Alexa, ask School Kit to switch weeks”. You can then add the kit you need for the second week and when you are done, switch back to the first week by again saying “Alexa, ask School Kit to switch weeks”.

When you’re done, ask what kit you need as normal and if the date falls in the second week School Kit will tell you the kit from week two.

If you change your mind, you can always say “Alexa, ask School Kit to set the timetable to one week” to go back to a one week timetable.

Have fun at school!


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