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Safe Place



English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, tell Safe Place that my passport is in the safe"
"Alexa, ask Safe Place to forget my passport"
"Alexa, ask Safe Place where my things are"


Ever forgotten the safe place you put your passport last year? Now you can get Alexa to remember for you!

Safe Place remembers where you put those important things for you, simply tell Safe Place “my passport is in the safe” or “remember that my certificate is in the desk drawer”.
When you come to need it next simply ask Safe Place “where’s my passport?”

Want to update the location of an item? Simply tell Safe Space the new location the same way you told it where it was before.

To get Safe Space to forget an item’s location just tell Safe Place “Forget my passport” or if you want it to forget everything, “forget me”.

I hope you find Safe Place useful, thanks for checking it out!


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