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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, start Roster Bot."
"What is my next duty?"
"Alexa, ask Roster Bot about today."


With the RosterBuster Mobile App, professional flight and cabin crew can download the roster from their airline and then connect to it using this skill to Alexa.
What you need to setup the skill:
– The RosterBuster Mobile App and a valid account
– An uploaded roster from your airline

To connect to this skill, first download and enable it in the Alexa app. Then go to More -> Account & Settings -> RosterBot in the RosterBuster app. Here you are presented with a code you can use to connect.
then e.g. you say:
> ask roster bot connect with 1 2 Q 7 E
Where 1 2 Q 7 E would be your code displayed in the RosterBuster app.
When you are successfully connected, you can use “ask roster bot what my next duty is” to find out about your next duty.

You can also activate and connect the skill by saying:
‘start roster bot’
‘connect with 1 2 Q 7 E’
‘start roster bot’
‘what is my next duty?’

Please note that connecting is only needed once. It can be undone by saying ‘ask roster bot to disconnect’.

To download RosterBuster Mobile App:
iOS (App Store):
Android (Play Store):


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