Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock


Rain Labs


English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open lizard spock"
"Alexa, ask lizard spock to play a game"
"Alexa, ask lizard spock for a match"


Do you accept the challenge of playing with Alexa? Alexa is the best player in the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game, do you really think you could win? Dare to challenge Alexa and we will see who is the best in this game invented by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla.

And if you have an Echo Show, you can now pick your option from the screen and see images of your match and the current score.


Yes!!! We finally added what everyone was asking for, a global competition. If you’re already a fan of this skill you will find even more fun by competing with people around the world for the top places of the competition. Every month you’ll have the opportunity to proove you’re the best player. If it’s the first time you are going to compete, Alexa will guide you through the steps needed:

Give Alexa your name and city: When we announce the top 10 best players of the month, you’ll be able to see in your screen device (Echo Show/Spot/Fire TV), or in your Alexa app, the top 10 players with their name and city they’re from, as well as the number of victories they got, for example:
1. John, Seattle => 1000 victories
2. Sarah, Houston => 995 victories

If you don’t want to participate, that’s fine. You can keep playing with the Lizard Spock skill as you may already be doing right now!

While the monthly competition is running, you can check your score and your position. Just say: “Alexa, open lizard spock” and then:
– Alexa, what’s my score
– Alexa, what’s my position

You’ll be able to see the leaderboard of the 10 top players in your Echo Spot/Show/Fire TV, and in your Alexa app.

Come join thousands of people who are playing the Lizard Spock competition!


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