Quadratic equation

Quadratic equation




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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, ask quadratic equation to solve for both roots"
"Alexa, ask quadratic equation to solve this second degree equation"
"Alexa, ask quadratic equation to solve my problem"


This skill interactively helps the user solve a standard quadratic equation, ax^2+ bx + c = 0. The skill finds the roots of the equation. It confirms the coefficients with the user, and states the sign of the discriminant.
When prompted, the user supplies the quadratic coefficient “a”, the linear coefficient “b”, and the constant coefficient “c”. The user may say things like “negative five point three seven one” and the skill will understand the coefficient to be “-5.371”.

Note that unlike similar skills, this one handles real coefficients that are not necessarily whole numbers.

If the discriminant is zero, there is only one real root, which is read aloud and output to the card for user reference.
If the discriminant is positive, both real roots are read out loud (and output to the card for reference).
If the discriminant is negative, both the roots are complex numbers. The real and imaginary parts of both roots are read out loud, and output to the card for reference.

By telling you the roots, this skill can help you complete the square or factor a binomial.


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