PingPong Showdown

PingPong Showdown


Dana Young


English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, use ping pong"
"what are my options?"
"register a new player"


*** New for 2019: Full support for Echo Buttons! It is a whole new experience with fast action and competitive fun.

Got a ping pong table? Let Alexa keep score and make the game even more fun with her wisecracks. This is a full featured skill with more than 40 interactions. Alexa is a great score keeper, but lookout for her sharp humor! She has a sass-meter, so you can adjust it from 0 (off) to 10 (full up). She never forgets the score or when to switch serving. In fact every point and every game you play is stored for bragging rights against rivals.

You can play both singles and doubles matches. You can sign in so that all match stats are stored for you, or skip sign-in and just play. In addition to the game and match scores, you can also hear what percent of games and individual points were won/lost vs that opponent, what your win percentage was when serving, and what your longest point streak of the match was.

To get started, first register by saying ‘register a new player’. Then just say, ‘start a match’. Whether it is singles or doubles, you will have a red team and a blue team. Once you’ve started a match, the only thing to do is tell Alexa who wins a point by pressing the button of that player. All the rest is coordinated by Alexa.

When doing the one-time registration, you will choose a 4-digit number for your player ID and tell Alexa your first name. Then when starting a match, Alexa will prompt players for their IDs and kick off the match.

Basic things you can say to get started:
Use any of these commands and begin by saying, “Alexa, “:
– “Start a match”
– “Tell me the rules of ping pong”
– “Register a new player”
– “Undo that” (Undoes the last point or change)
– “Tell me more things I can say”

Examples of more things you can say:
– “Come On!” (when you hit an amazing shot!)
– “What’s the score?”
– “Give me a summary of the match” (get all your match statistics!)
– “What’s the match score?”
– “Who’s serve is it?”
– “Tell me how to set preferences”
– “Tell me ways to change the match”
– “Tell me some shortcuts” (faster ways to get right to playing)

Examples of ways that you can manually override and control the flow of the match:
– “Change the game score” (for any reason why you want to adjust the score)
– “Change the match score” (the number of games won so far in the match)
– “Start a new game” (within a match)

Here are ways that you can set preferences for how a match is played, and what Alexa says:
– “Set the sass-meter to zero.” (or anywhere from 0-10)
– “Play best three out of five” (the first player to win 3 games wins the match)
– “Play a single game match” (winner takes all, win one game and win the match)
– “Turn on experienced user mode” (on/off, this keeps Alexa’s comments short)
– “Play games to 21” (or 11)
– “play win by 2“ (must win by two points, even if you reach 11 or 21)
– “play game point“ (first to reach 11 or 21 wins, don’t need to win by 2)
– “Change the number of serves per turn” (to either 2 or 5)
– “Don’t switch sides” (the official rules say to do this, but you don’t have to)
– “Turn on saying the score” (on/off, whether Alexa announces the match score after a game is won)
– “Turn on saying the serve” (on/off, whether Alexa announces when the next server in rotation is up)

When you say, “Save Preferences“, the settings of the current…


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