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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Phone Finder and search for my phone"
"Alexa, start Phone Finder and add a new device"
"Alexa, open Phone Finder and find my tablet"


Can’t find one of your android devices? It is on silent? This skill saves you: your device will ring with full volume and vibrate. Supports all your android devices!

UPDATE: Phone Finder Premium is now available! You can get the premium experience: Add up to six devices, name them and search for them by name.

In the free version, you can add one device. Connect your phone or tablet and never worry about losing them again.
Simply install the additional helper app on your Android device. You can find it in the Google Play Store. It’s real simple:
1. Search for “Phone Finder for Alexa” in the Play Store and install it
2. Start the Alexa Skill: “Alexa, open Phone Finder”
3. Ask Alexa to add a new device
4. Alexa tells you your personal PIN-code. It is also displayed in the Alexa App
5. Open the Android App. Enter your PIN code and press “Activate”
6. Your device status becomes “Active”
7. Done

To add an additional device, just repeat these steps. Now, you can ask any of your Alexas (on the same user account) to find your device. If your device is online, it will quickly start to ring loudly and vibrate.

You can just start the skill without any specific command:
“Alexa, open Phone Finder”. Alexa will ask you whether you would like to add, remove or search for a device. Alternatively, you can start the skill with a more specific command.


Search for device:
“Alexa, open Phone Finder and search for my phone”
“Alexa, ask Phone Finder to find my device”

Add a new device:
“Alexa, open Phone Finder and add a new device”

Remove an existing device:
“Alexa, start Phone Finder and remove my phone”

Ask for the PIN code:
“Alexa, ask Phone Finder for my code”
“Alexa, open Phone Finder and give me my PIN”


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