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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, ask blue white for nearby stops"
"Alexa, ask blue white for departures for 1761"
"Alexa, ask blue white for help"


With this application the user is able to get information about the nearby bus / tram stops in Tampere (Finland) city area. It is also possible to get next bus / tram departures for the chosen bus / tram stop.

There are two different voice intents in this skill

1) intent to get nearby bus / tram stops (needs permission to accesss full address details)
2) intent to get a list of next departures for the chosen bus / tram stop (no permission is required)

Nearby bus / trams stops

You can ask for nearby bus / trams stops by saying: “Alexa, ask blue white for nearby stops”. It will search for (max) 7 stops from your address within 5km radius and reads out the name and the id of the stops. As you will notice, it is quite challenging for Alexa to pronounce Finnish addresses.

This intent needs permission to read your full address details. In case you have not granted this permission nor
inserted your address details or your address is not within 5km from a nearest Tampere area bus stop, this intent does not work or it returns no data. Your address information is required to get coordinates for you home and the coordinates are needed to get the nearby bus stops. Your address or the coordinates are not stored and are not used for any other purpose.

next departures

You can ask for next departures by saying: “Alexa, ask blue white for next departures for 35” or “Alexa, ask blue white for next busses for 1761”. The number refers to bus / tram stop id. It will search for next (max) 7 departures within next 6 hours for the chosen stop and reads out a list of departure information, bus line and departure time. In case you leave out the bus stop id from your request it will search for bus stop 1761 for purely selfish reasons. Sorry for that. If you do not have bus stop id for your bus stop, you can either use the “nearby bus stops” – intent or find the bus stop from here:

The data is based on public and open Tampere Public Transport API:

you can stop Alexa reading out list of stops or departure information by simply saying “Alexa, thank you”. You can also ask help by saying “Alexa, ask blue white for help”.

In case Alexa starts supporting Finnish, it is possible to improve this skill by providing e.g. searches based on spoken addresses and even routing between your home and the destination (spoken addresses).


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