My Virtual Travel Agent

My Virtual Travel Agent




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Activation Phrases

"Alexa tell my travel secretary I want to go to New York"
"Alexa tell my travel secretary I want to travel to shop"
"Alexa tell my travel secretary i am going on a trip on December Twenty Fift...


This skill allows the clients of FAGA Consulting Corp, to request tourist packages to the destination they wish, activities to be carried out, date to make the trip, duration of the trip, which way they want to reach their destination, and then be contacted by a representative from the travel agency to provide you with a quote for your trip.
The client invokes Alexa telling the travel secretary that they want to visit or travel to a city, or if he wants to do an activity then Alexa will begin a dialogue requesting additional information, such as his city of origin, his destination city if he has not been mentioned, the start date of the trip, the duration of your trip, the purpose of your trip as what activity you want to do in the destination city such as shopping, skiing, swimming, fishing, etc. , and what means of transportation would you use to reach your destination. Finally, when Alexa confirms each of the Slots within the Intent, it asks for the name of the client and his telephone, this data in conjunction with the origin city, the destination city, the date of the trip, the means of transport to be used, the time of duration of the trip, and the activity you want to perform at the destination is sent by email to the Faga Consulting customer service, so that a travel agency representative contacts the customer to provide the best travel package that is in accordance to the client’s budget.


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