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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open my symptom tracker."
"Alexa, ask my symptom tracker to send me the log."
"Alexa, tell my symptom tracker I feel pain in my leg."


When you see your doctor, they will always ask questions like: “How long have you been feeling this?” or “How often do you experience that?” or “How bad was it?” Most people just won’t have the complete information to provide to the doctor. With MySymptomTracker, you won’t ever have to give vague answers like: “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”.

MySymptomTracker makes you and your healthcare providers better informed. Simply put, the more information that you can give to your healthcare team, the better care and treatment you will receive.

This skill has 100’s of symptoms and body parts to allow you to be very specific about logging your symptom. Even though we have tried to make these lists as thorough as possible, you can always ask MySymptomTracker to email you these lists to make it even easier.

And we don’t just track the type of symptom and where it is occurring. We also allow you to indicate the intensity using a scale of 1 to 10. This identifies how a symptom varies over time.

Lastly, we allow you to note the exact day and time the symptom occurred even if it was in the past. You can say things like “yesterday at 2:40pm” or “now” or “June 10th”.

And whenever you want, you can send yourself a customizable log. Just say “last 24 hours”, “last month”, “last year” or “everything”. This is the log that you can give to your healthcare providers.

MySymptomTracker is designed to provide the most flexibility and accurate health symptom log so that you and your doctor can make the best possible healthcare decisions.

MySymptomTracker is provided by Metis Advantage, Inc.


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