My Pet Dinosaur

My Pet Dinosaur


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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open my pet dinosaur"
"Alexa, launch my pet dinosaur"
"Alexa, start my pet dinosaur"


Take care of your very own pet dinosaur! Take your new pet on walks, go on adventures with it, and feed it regularly, so that it grows big and strong! Your pet will grow up over time to learn more skills and tricks. Take your dinosaur on adventures and battle your way through the jungle as you fight enemy dinosaurs. Compare your dinosaur with others to see how it stacks up!

You start the game by choosing from 5 baby dinosaur eggs. You can choose from T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, or Stegosaurus and give your baby dinosaur its own name. Your dinosaur needs to be fed regularly so that it doesn’t go hungry. You can tell it to ‘eat something’ and it will do just as you say. In addition to needing to eat, your dinosuar also needs exercise. Make sure it goes on adventures and walks daily, otherwise it will get too hyper. Your dinosaur gets full after eating too much and gets tired of playing and walking, but it always is willing to do tricks, sleep and, use the washroom. Your dinosaur will evolve over time learning new tricks each time it levels up and can perform these tricks on command.

Even though dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures, they make great pets! Take care of your dinosaur over time and it will grow up big and strong.

* Not all activities tire out your dinosaur. There are some things it can do all day long!
* Ask your dinosaur what tricks it knows to see what it can do. The more your dinosaur grows, the more tricks it will learn!
*Feed and walk your dinosaur to level up and prepare it for it’s first adventure
*Tell your dinosaur to sleep to regain health so that it can continue to battle enemy dinosaurs

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