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My Farm


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English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa open my farm"
"feed the chickens"
"collect eggs"


Run your own farm on Alexa and compete to become the richest farmer in this new take of this classic simulation genre.

Early Access V1.2: This release includes a new barnyard cat, which you can search for and name. Your cat will be at various farm locations, including the front porch, kitchen, chicken coop, barn, pig sty, field, horse track, and duck pond. Find him to earn and special bonus, after a few times he becomes harder to find.

Recently added features:
* Cat that you can find on your farm while your workers are busy.
* Name your cat what you want.
* Structures for chickens added, start with a tiny chicken coop and upgrade all the way to a chicken mansion as you buy more chickens.

Early Access V1.1: This release includes two new animals, ducks and sheep, which can join your farm and makes a path for some more animals to come in the future. You can purchase ducks and sheep from the market if you have enough coins and then feed and collect duck eggs to sell, or shear your sheep for some wool. Please look for additional updates coming soon that may include building upgrades.

Recently added features:
* Added two new animal types: Ducks and Sheep
* Miner Mike and artifact purchasing
* Letter from the developer

Thank you so much for your feedback, the above features were added from player’s suggestions from their review comments. Be sure to leave a review and let us know what you would like to see in the game.

Previous Release Notes:

Early Access V1.0: In this current version, you can raise chickens, collect eggs, and sell the eggs to make coins. Using the coins you can buy more chickens. You can talk to your farm worker Emily and visit the market. Please try it out.

Plus recently added features:
* You can now buy pigs and feed them
* You can now buy cows and milk them
* You can sell pigs at the auction or at the market
* The auction is a new way to sell items for a variable price

Note from the developer: Please give me feedback through reviews or comments, I would love to hear from you and will iterate on new features to add to the game as fast as possible. This is an early access title, which means I’m looking for the community to help create the best game possible, so all comments or ideas are helpful. Customers rule!


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