Memory Bank

Memory Bank


Darvins Lab LLC


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa open Memory Bank"
"Alexa ask Memory Bank to add that I need to pick up Jimmy at five"
"Alexa ask Memory Bank to recall"


You are in the middle of making dinner, and are just about to add the cheese when the phone rings. You are on Step 5 of some instructions when the doorbell rings. You just remembered you need to call Dave back, when your spouse or child demands attention ‘Right Now’.

Memory Bank comes to the rescue in these, and many other situations. Call on Memory Bank to remember whatever it was you were doing. Then, after handling the situation that interrupted you, ask Memory Bank to recall the memory.

Memory Bank is meant to be fast and simple because you may only have a few seconds preserve the memory before devoting your entire attention to the interruption. As such, it can only remember one thing at a time for you. Asking Memory Bank to remember a second memory will overwrite the first, but you can record a memory with a single sentence.

For example: Alexa ask Memory Bank to remember that I need to mix in the chili powder, but I only want to use 1 tablespoon.


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