Melbourne Transport

Melbourne Transport


Fabio Douek


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, Ask Melbourne Transport when is the next train?"
"Alexa, Ask Melbourne Transport when is the next train from Balaclava?"
"Alexa, Ask Melbourne Transport when is the next tram 67 from stop 30"


Allows you to retrieve the next Melbourne (Australia) Transport departures for Trains, Trams and buses.

Skill details, feedback and feature request at:

Please rate this skill, and leave a feedback in the address above, so I can address any issues and notify when is fixed/improved.

Note that there are some challenges when it comes to getting location details for buses and trams. However, the favourites feature should reduce the impact, since usually the use case for using Alexa is for checking departure times for pre-defined locations. Usually home or office.

– Train and Tram departures
– Customisation on the level of details you want to retrieve
– Last search
– Save trips (bookmarks)
– Retrieve current location
– Retrieve train and tram stops near you

Usage examples
The following sentences must be said after:
“Alexa, ask Melbourne Transport…”

1) Next two train departures

– When is the next train from Balaclava to Flinders Street
– When is the next train from Balaclava

2) Next two train schedules. Additional details provided in the response.

– Next train details from Sandringham

3) Next train departure for all lines from a station
– All trains
– All trains from Flinders Street

4) Future train departures
– train departing after six thirty in the afternoon
– train departing tomorrow
– train departing tomorrow after eight thirty
– train departing on Sunday
– train departing next Monday

5) Train Station Facilities
– What are the facilities for Flinders Street station

6) Repeat Last Journey (works for bus, trams, and trains)
– Last journey
– Last trip
– Last trip details

7) Save your last journey to a favourite (trains and trams)
– Save last trip as favourite one
– Save last trip as favourite ten
– Save last trip as favourite home to work
– Save last trip as favourite work to home

8) Retrieves next departure for your saved favourite (Trains, trams, buses)
– Favourite one
– Favourite home to work

9) Retrieves the summary of your saved favourites
– for my favourite trips
– Get favourites

10) Next tram departure
– Next tram 67 from stop 30

11) Next bus departure
At this stage, you need to manage your favourites using the web interface by saying: “Update bus favourite”. This will send you a link to your Alexa application, so you can configure your journey via web and save to a favourite.

You can then get next departure by retrieving your favourite, as you do for trams and trains. e.g: “Favourite one”

12) Update your location, to let Melbourne Transport know where you are and provide you location information
– Update my location

13) To listen to the nearest tram and train stops
– My location
– My location with details


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