Klondike Solitaire Card Game for Echo Show

Klondike Solitaire Card Game for Echo Show


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English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Klondike Solitaire"
"Move the Jack of Hearts to the Queen of Spades"
"Move the Ace of Hearts"


Play the classic game of Klondike Solitaire now on your Echo Show device (Requires a screen). Move cards with your voice, in this classic remake of a favorite pastime.

You can now play Klondike Solitaire with just your voice on your Amazon Alexa Echo Show devices. See all of the cards drawn on the screen in this rendition of classic Klondike solitaire, currently with the rules for draw 3 and draw 1 card modes, unlimited times through the deck, and no removing cards from the ending foundations/stacks once placed there. Access the settings menu to change some options.

Sorry, this game does not support the Echo Spot. The screen would be too small to play this game, it is only designed for Echo Show devices.

Future rules updates and other Solitaire versions could come in the future if people like the game a lot, please let us know with your reviews. Thank you.

12/5/2018 New Features:
* Better rendering support for new screen devices that support APL rendering. (Only Echo Show device)
* Touch a card on the screen to move it. (Only Echo Show device, not tablets)

* Open the skill to start your first game.
* Then say Alexa (or whatever your *wake word* is) and say one of the following commands:
** Alexa, move the 2 of Spades to the 3 of Hearts
** Alexa, move the Ace of Diamonds to the stack
** Alexa, move the Two of Diamonds to the foundation (does same as “stack”)
** Alexa, move the King of Clubs to the empty pile
** Alexa, move the King of Hearts to the empty spot
** Alexa, draw cards
** Alexa, start over

You can also access the settings menu by saying:
* Alexa, settings

On the settings menu you can say:
* Alexa, change draw mode
* Alexa, change waiting time
* Alexa, change hint mode
* Alexa, change voice mode
* Alexa, change card back

And if you’re and advanced player, you can auto-move cards when there is only one spot for them to go, just say the following:
* Alexa, move the Ace of Hearts
* Alexa, Ace of Hearts

That’s it, hope you enjoy the game and leave a review, greatly appreciated. Have fun playing solitaire!

Release Notes:
V1.0: Initial Release
* Working Solitaire game for Echo Show only devices
* Continually auto-saves player game when skill exits or is interrupted
* Say “Start over” to start a new game
* One set of cards and one card back, courtesy of the American Contract Bridge League: http://acbl.mybigcommerce.com/52-playing-cards/
* Settings menu with draw 3 and draw 1 options
* Auto card playing option if you just say the name of the card to move (auto detects which second card to put this card on, or to move it to an empty stack or a foundation at the top).

Apologies to non-Echo Show owners at this time, but this skill is currently not available for non-screen devices.


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