kloee for SC

kloee for SC




English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, turn on office lights"
"Alexa, dim hallway"
"Alexa, turn off outside lights"


Voice control for your smart home just got a whole lot easier. Control your lights, switches, plugs and locks with the kloee skill on Alexa, giving you more control over your devices.

To make using the kloee skill even more user-friendly, we created SimpleNames. SimpleNames are an optional alias you give your items that makes their names easier to remember, to type, and for Alexa to understand. SimpleNames allow you to break away from your devices’ original naming conventions while maintaining items’ original names.

Relay commands to Alexa as if you were talking with her in a conversation. Alexa recognizes phrases such as, “Alexa, make the Living Room lights blue” and “Alexa, dim my Bedroom light by 50 percent please”.

You can also control multiple items at once by grouping them in the SimpleCommands app. You can talk to Alexa in the same conversational tone while using groups as you would with individual items. For example if you’ve created groups called Kitchen or Bedroom you can try:

“Alexa, dim my Office Lights by 25 percent”

“Alexa, set the Living Room lights to red please”


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