Kevin Presence Simulation To Deter Burglars

Kevin Presence Simulation To Deter Burglars




English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, play Kevin"
"Alexa, ask Kevin to simulate"
"Alexa, simulate with Kevin"


Get a first taste of Kevin – on Alexa!

Burglars want to be sure that there is no one home before they break into your privacy. We know what we’re talking about, as we have even talked to a burglar ( and are currently creating our own device – Kevin ( – that simulates presence realistically and logically.

This Alexa skill is an easy to use start for your prevention. Our full product Kevin will be soon on the market ( We want to make parts of our full capabilities public for everyone, who uses Alexa. So get it now and rest assured that we will constantly work on the skill and improve it with more content and more logic.

Leave your house calm now – knowing that Kevin is home!

7 HOURS of unique activities to simulate right now: (English only, soon there will be German activities)
– Two people clean their kitchen.
– A man sings to himself while he does the dishes and cleans his kitchen.
– A person cleans their kitchen.
– A man (and his cat) wash the dishes and clean the kitchen.
– A man (and his cat) clean a hallway of their home.
– Two roommates do laundry and hang it up to dry.
– A woman does the dishes.
– A woman makes breakfast and unloads the dishwasher.
– A group of roommates make lunch.
– A man makes dinner.
– A person goes through their morning routine.
– A man showers and goes through his morning bathroom routine.
– A person brushes their teeth.
– A person feeds their cat.
– A man empties empties the litter box and feeds his cats.
– A woman practices playing the guitar.
– A man practices classical piano pieces.
– A woman practices the ukulele and talks on the phone.
… ever more custom-recorded activities coming soon

Sample command to activate Kevin
Hi Alexa,


Hi Alexa, tell Kevin
“to simulate”,
“to play”,
“to protect”,
“to begin”


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