Jingle Pop

Jingle Pop


Wobble Mouth


English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa open Jingle Pop"
"Alexa play Jingle Pop"


Jingle pop is a skill that will tell you a marketing jingle phrase, and then see if you can identify the company or product associated with that phrase.

Jingle pop will quiz you on 5 marketing jingle phrases. After saying the phrase, Jingle pop will then give you 4 choices to choose from. You select your answer by saying the letter of the choice that correctly has the product or company that is associated with the jingle phrase.

When you have heard all 5 jingle phrases, Jingle Pop will then tell you the total number of jingle phrases you correctly identified, and the number of jingle phrases you didn’t identify.

At any time you can say repeat, and Jingle pop will repeat the jingle phrase and choices. You can say repeat several times to give you more time to choose your answer.

At any time you can say stop, end, or cancel, and Jingle pop will tell you how many jingles you were able to identify correctly, or incorrectly.

You can also say help to get information on the skill, or how to respond to a question.

So, let’s test your jingle knowledge.

If you have jingle suggestions please email them to [email protected]


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