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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, turn on light"
"Alexa, turn off light"
"Alexa, turn on switch"


HomeWizard Link, home automation using the HomeWizard Link.

— Detailed Description:
Your HomeWizard Link can now connect to your Amazon Echo family of devices through the Alexa connected home. After a few easy setup steps, you can control your lights and switches with Alexa.

Once you know the name or group of your lights, you can say the following:

Connected LED lights.
‘Alexa, Turn on the hallway light’ – Turns on the ‘hallway light’.
‘Alexa, Turn off the hallway light’ – Turns on the ‘hallway light’.
‘Alexa, dim the hallway light’ – Lowers the brightness of hallway light.
‘Alexa, dim the hallway light by 5 percent’ – Lowers the brightness of ‘hallway light’ by 5 percent.
‘Alexa, make the hallway light warmer’ – Adjust the ‘hallway light’ color to a warmer color.
‘Alexa, make the hallway light cooler’ – Adjust the ‘hallway light’ color to a cooler color.
‘Alexa, set the hallway light to warm white’ – Changes the ‘hallway light’ color to warm white.
‘Alexa, set the kitchen light to daylight’ – Changes the ‘kitchen light’ color to daylight.

Connected Color LED lights also support changing colors
Here is an example on how to change the color to red.
‘Alexa, make the bedroom light red’ – Changes the ‘bedroom light’ color to red.

Dimmer Socket:
‘Alexa, Turn on the dimmer’ – Turns on the ‘dimmer’.
‘Alexa, Turn off the dimmer’ – Turns on the ‘dimmer’.
‘Alexa, dim the dimmer’ – Lowers the brightness of ‘dimmer’.
‘Alexa, dim the dimmer by 5 percent’ – Lowest the brightness of ‘dimmer’ by 5 percent.

Energy Switch:
‘Alexa, Turn on the energy switch’ – Turn on the energy switch.
‘Alexa, Turn off the energy switch’ – Turn off the energy switch.

Make sure you already have the HomeWizard Link App installed on your phone and the HomeWizard Link configured correctly.

Then follow these steps:
1. Next, discover the connected devices on the HomeWizard Link by saying “Alexa, Discover Devices” or by clicking the Discover Devices button in the Smart Home section of the Alexa app.
2. Your devices should appear in your list of discovered devices using the name given in the HomeWizard Link App.
3. Now all setup is finished, test it by simply asking Alexa to turn a light on or off.


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