Heroes of Eldritch Hollow

Heroes of Eldritch Hollow


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English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Heroes of Eldritch Hollow"
"Alexa, start Heroes of Eldritch Hollow"
"Alexa, launch Heroes of Eldritch Hollow"


Can you defeat all 15 monsters in the Heroes of Eldritch Hollow?

This is the first part of what we hope will be a series of monster slaying games. Let us know your feedback we will be making improvements to the audio over the next few weeks. We have made over 20 changes based on your feedback so far, keep it coming!

Who is the game for?
Anyone that loves games like Dungeon Keeper, Warhammer, Warcraft, Skyrim, Diablo and you get the picture!

How to play?
Choose your hero and battle through 5 increasingly difficult monsters using either your power or your strength. After each monster, you can search for the treasure that might boost your stats or give you gold to spend in future adventures.

Be sure to leave a 5-star review! Let us have your feedback to [email protected]

Feature complete!
2 new mini-games: Trial of the Elements and Knife, Spoon, Bear Trap
Over 100 new Dialog Lines for both The Boss & Sprite
More Songs, More Jokes
Individual monster damage system

All new Voice Over for the boss, new jokes, new songs!
Rebalanced the monsters and heroes attack damage
Hit rolls are now on a D20
Intro shortened

Hit model for monsters has been tweaked they will hit you more often now! Sprite Dialog tweaked in a few places.

Damage / Monster Health overhauled it’s like a whole new game!
both heroes and monsters can now miss their target
Heroes can now cause a critical hit buffing their damage
Intro and name chooser improvements made
lots of little tweaks and fixes

New Hero combat model, Alexa now rolls a D6 Dice for your attacks on a 1 you miss!
New first play messages for Ivy to help orientate you as you face the first monster.
New Ivy Dialog for combat and defense.

New dialog from the sprite to add more variety during encounters
Weapon and Spell sounds have been updated for more variety
On winning you will now be told your final stats. How much gold can you claim?
Intro music swapped for something more heroic.


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