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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, turn on the dinning room lights"
"Alexa, set the kitchen lights to 50%"
"Alexa, dim the bedroom lights"


To communicate with Amazon’s Alexa, you need a HALO Home Internet Access Bridge along with your HALO Home lights and accesssories. The Bridge translates the Bluetooth signals of HALO Home devices into the WiFi signals of Amazon’s Echo, Dot, Show, Spot, and other hardware. The Bridge enables you to use Alexa’s voice control, as well as control your HALO Home network from anywhere in the world.

To get started, please follow these steps:

1) Use the HALO Home Mobile App to add the Bridge to your account and configure the WiFi settings.
2) Open Amazon’s Alexa App, and find the HALO Home Skill by searching for Halo.”
3) Within the Alexa App, press the “Enable Skill” button. Enter your HALO Home username and password to link your account and to discover your compatible devices.
4) Tip: Within the Alexa App, customize your devices, groups, and scenes with the same names that you used in the HALO Home App. These can be changed at any time.
5) Tip: When using the Alexa Skill, use the customized name to specify each device so that you can keep everything straight. (If you have duplicate names, you will have a hard time using voice controls.)
6) Tip: Keep names short and simple. Long names are very difficult for Alexa to understand and synchronize.

Once you have customized the names of your devices, groups, or scenes in the HALO Home app, you can speak the following commands (and many more):

“Alexa, turn on the dining room lights”
“Alexa, set the kitchen lights to 50%”
“Alexa, dim/brighten the entry way lights”
“Alexa, turn on the ‘after hours’ scene”

If you need additional assistance please contact: [email protected]


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