Guest Reception

Guest Reception


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Activation Phrases

"Alexa start guest reception"
"Greet James"
"Linda is here"


The guest reception greets all your guests when you ask her to. Each guest is greeted differently. Sometimes friendly, sometimes naughty, sometimes humorous. Be a good host and show your guests what Alexa can do.

To start the guest reception:

– Alexa start guest reception
– Alexa open guest reception
– Alexa load guest reception

You can welcome your guests with the following phrases:

– Greet James
– Please welcome Mary
– Welcome John
– May I introduce you to Patricia
– I want to introduce you to Robert
– Say hello to Linda
– We welcome Michael
– We also welcome Barbara
– We can welcome William
– We can also welcome Elizabeth
– You can welcome David
– You may welcome Jennifer
– And Richard is here too
– And Maria is here
– And Charles came too
– Susan is here
– Joseph is also here
– Margaret has also come
– Thomas has come
– Dorothy is here too

If you need help, simply say:

– Help

If you want to ensure that only the nice greetings are used (because, for example, your rich aunt or your boss are visiting), then say:

– Alexa, please be kind to our guests.

If you want only the cheeky greetings to be used (because, for example, your friends or annoying neighbors are visiting), then say:

– Alexa, please do not take a leaf to your mouth.

If you want to allow all greetings, just say:

– Alexa, welcome the guests as you wish.

If the receptionist has welcomed all guests, you can end the greeting as follows:

– Stop
– Abort
– Thank you, these were all the guests.
– Thank you, that was everyone.
– Thank you for the greeting.
– Thank you, Alexa.
– Thank you very much, Alexa.
– I thank you
– These were all the guests
– That was everyone

————————————————– ———–

If you have more ideas for greetings, just send an e-mail to [email protected]!


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