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Game Score


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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, tell Game Score to give Susan 3 points."
"Alexa, ask Game Score for the score?"
"Alexa, ask Game Score who's winning?"


Whatever game you’re playing, you can now keep score without using paper and pen! Adding and subtracting are so 20th century. Let Alexa do the score keeping for you!

To start, say, “Alexa, ask Game Score to start a new game.”

You can add players by saying, “Alexa, tell Game Score that Susan is playing.” You don’t have to add players, however, you can simply add scores for players as the game progresses.

Say, “Alexa, tell Game Score to give 5 points to Robert.”

Find out the score by saying, “Alexa, ask Game Score for the score.”

If you just want to know who’s in the lead, say, “Alexa, ask Game Score who’s winning.”

To find anyone’s score, say, “Alexa, ask Game Score how many points Steve has.”


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