Friends (Who Said It Game)

Friends (Who Said It Game)


Orion's Fitness


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open The Friends Game"
"Alexa, start The Friends Game"
"Alexa, launch The Friends Game"


Friends (Who Said It) is a game where you guess who said the quote. Alexa will read the quote and you guess the character who said it. We chose to have Alexa read the quote because the characters all have distinctive voices and if we play audio clips the answer would be obvious.

There are 5 questions total.

You can say:

“Alexa, open The Friends Game”
“Alexa, start The Friends Game”
“Alexa, launch The Friends Game”

For every fifth review the game gets, we will update the questions with new quotes. So, if you would like to hear new quotes, please leave us a review.

Please note, we are not affiliated or associated with Friends, we are just huge friends fans and we wanted to create a fun game to play.


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