Feels Like

Feels Like


The Stranded Starfish


English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa ask feels like"
"Alexa ask feels like in Rome"
"Alexa ask feels like in Stone Mountain"


Who cares what the temperature is – I want to know how it feels.

This skill does only one thing and does it fast – tell you what it really feels like outside. It will give you the wind chill temperature when temperatures are below 50 degrees or the heat-index temperature when it is higher. Responses only take 6 seconds.

You can specify a city or place anywhere in the world, or it will use your current location.

You will need to enable access to your zip code if you want to use your current location. This access is not required if you specify a city.

Note: Make sure you use the ASK keyword if you specify a city, otherwise Alexa gets confused.


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