Cube Solver

Cube Solver


Transvestite Bandits


English (AU)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Cube Solver"
"The colours on that face are red, red, red, blue, blue, blue, white, white,...
"Alexa, ask Cube Solver to solve my cube"


This skill will tell you how to solve any 3×3 Cube in as few a moves as possible, normally just 20.

Just open the skill, read out the colours when you are prompted, and Alexa will tell you the moves to solve the cube.

This skill assumes you have a cube with red, green, blue, yellow, white and orange squares, and that white should be opposite yellow, red should be opposite orange, and blue should be opposite green. If your cube is different, just say “I have a different cube”.

When Alexa tells you the solution, she will tell you which direction to turn a face. Imagine you are looking at the face, but don’t turn the whole cube. Turning the back face can be counter-intuitive at first.


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