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Brilong Smart Lock




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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, ask Bree Long to check state."
"Alexa, ask Bree Long to change PIN number."
"Alexa, ask Bree Long to update sentry timer."


Brilong (pronounced as Bree-Long) Smart Lock skill enables Alexa to remotely control all your Brilong Smart Locks regardless of distance. With this skill enabled, you can lock and unlock door, ask for lock status, retrieve battery level, change PIN number and use sentry feature.

To get started, your Brilong Smart Lock (model no. LK310) must be connected to a gateway (model no. GW10). They can be set up with a few simple steps using Brilong app. Upon completion, you can enable this skill by linking your Brilong account with Alexa.

After successful account linking, you can perform an unlock action by saying “Alexa, ask Bree Long to unlock my home” where the name “home” can be substituted by the name you gave your smart lock in Brilong app. To ensure Alexa hear the name correctly, you are advised to name your smart lock with standard English words, e.g. front door, main entrance, John’s office, New York apartment, etc.

During the first unlock with Alexa, you will be asked to set a PIN number. While executing a command on a smart lock that requires PIN number, failing to utter the correct one for 3 times will permanently disallow Alexa to control that smart lock anymore. In this case, you must reset the PIN number using Brilong app.

Sentry is a feature built into the gateway. When sentry mode is switched on, an alarm will set off to deter burglars in case the smart lock unlocks. Sentry can also be configured to turn on and off automatically by a timer, for instance, you want the sentry to stay active everyday between midnight and 7am on the next day, sentry timer is handy.

All Brilong Smart Lock skill commands can also be performed using Brilong app. Here is a list of sample voice commands to try out:

– Alexa, ask Bree Long is my home locked?
– Alexa, ask Bree Long to check battery level of my office.
– Alexa, ask Bree Long to change PIN code of the entrance door.
– Alexa, ask Bree Long to turn on sentry mode of my sweet home.
– Alexa, ask Bree Long to set sentry timer of my front door.
– Alexa, ask Bree Long to turn on sentry timer of the garage.


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