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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, turn on my livingroom light"
"Alexa, turn off my livingroom light"
"Alexa, dim my livingroom light"


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With the BlitzWolf Skill, BlitzWolf APP and Alexa, you can interact with your smart plugs, smart color bulb, strip lights, smart switch. appliances can understand what you said, home life is full of possibilities! Turn on/off your device anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection you can control the device in your home. For additional options, you can modify the socket’s name, share the socket with someone else. If you have several sockets, you can create a group and turn multiple sockets on or off at the same time.

Here’s a step by step guide
Choose “Skills” in the options bar, and then search “BlitzWolf” in the search bar; Select “BlitzWolf” in the search results, and then click “Enable Skill”;
Input your BlitzWolf username and password;
Enable permission to link your Alexa account to your BlitzWolf account;
Tap “discover devices” in the Alexa App and add the smart socket. Or directly talk to the speaker: alexa, discover device.

Once you have successfully connected your smart device, here are some of our favorite phrases to get started with our smart home:

For Plugs
* Alexa, turn on my plug
* Alexa, turn off my plug

For lights
* Alexa, turn on my livingroom light
* Alexa, turn off my livingroom light
* Alexa, dim my livingroom light
* Alexa, brighten my livingroom light
* Alexa, set the livingroom light to 20 percent
* Alexa, set bedroom light to green.
* Alexa, set bedroom light to cool white.


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