Bin reminder

Bin reminder




English (US)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Bin Reminder"
"Alexa, ask Bin Reminder to reset"
"Alexa, ask Bin Reminder to add bin brown"


*NEW* Version Update 2.2! (See below)
**Now supports multiple bin types. Currently supports recycling,
black, general, green, brown, blue, pink,
white,grey,red,yellow,orange, glass and garden**

**Request a new bin type by sending email to [email protected]**

Let Bin Reminder know what frequency your bins go out and also do they start this week or next.

To get started, you simply need to say ‘Open Bin Reminder,’ and you will be guided through the flow.
Once the initial setup is configured, it will be stored for future reference.

If you move house or your bin frequency changes, no problem! You can reset and start again by saying “Alexa, ask Bin Reminder to reset”.

The skill supports ISO week of the year. That means, weeks start with Monday.

To view a quick demo, check out link below:


You can email me directly at [email protected]
with any questions, comments or concerns.

Future releases will offer additional features based on community feedback.

Update 1.1:
-Added in day of the week as part of the initial setup. If applicable, Bin Reminder will respond with day of week your bin goes out. Backwards compatible with existing users state. If you want to add day of week, reset and start the setup again.
-Introduced SSML Speechcons, which are special words and phrases that are pronounced more expressively by Alexa.
-Improved error handling

Update 1.2:
-Added in weekly as frequency choice
-Fixed issue with week day choice not interpreted correctly
-Added in sample video clip to demo setup. See above

Update 2.0:
-Handle multiple bin types. Bin reminder now allows you to setup multiple bin types.
It will now tell you (if applicable) what bins already went out this week and what bins are due out

Update 2.1:
-Add in frequency of four weeks
-New bin types

Update 2.2:
-Tell you if bins also go out next week


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