Baby Weight Tracker

Baby Weight Tracker




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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, open Baby Weight"
"Track fifteen pounds seven and a half ounces"


As a parent whose children needed careful weight monitoring as babies, I found that trying to juggle the scale, my phone, and the baby, to keep track of daily weights and understand the recent average trend, was often more than I could handle in my sleep-deprived state 🙂 So I wanted to make a simple skill that does just this one thing easily. Weigh your baby with your home scale, say “open baby weight,” and then for example, “ten pounds four and a half ounces,” (or kilograms and grams if you like) and that’s it. After the second day recording weight, you’ll start to hear back the change since last time. After a week of tracking, you’ll be able to say “report” and get the recent daily average change. A well-rested adult with one hand reliably free could probably do this pretty easily with a notepad 🙂 But for those of us who don’t fit that description during the first year of our children’s lives, well, I hope this skill helps. Apologies but this first version can only track one child’s weight at a time. One last thing, if you just want to record one quick weight, it’s not necessary to open and log in separate steps. You can just say, “Alexa, tell baby weight fifteen pounds nine ounces.” Happy tracking!


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