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Arrival Time


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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, abre hora de llegada y dime la lista de mis destinos"
"Alexa, pide a hora de llegada el tiempo para ir al aeropuerto si salgo en c...
"Alexa, pregunta a hora de llegada el tiempo estimado para ir al destino núm...


Arrival Time is your skill to get high precision estimated time on current traffic or any future departure time for your defined destinations.

Visit to configure your profile and destinations.
1) Register to
2) Specify your home location in the Location Profile Settings tab.
3) Create personalized destinations such as airports, schools, your work.
4) Apply your profile to activate your location within Alexa Skill Arrival Time.
5) Link your Arrival Time Skill to your account created in step 1 with your Alexa app.

Once these steps have been completed, you are ready to use the Time of Arrival skill.

Main Features:
– > It will give you the estimated time of the destination name as you called it inside
” What’s the estimated time to go to “Grandma’s House”?”
– > Estimated Time for a destination number from your predefined list via
” What is the time to reach the “destination number”?
– > Estimated Time for a destination name with a future departure time.
” What is the estimated time to get to the airport if I leave in 4 hours?”
” What is the estimated time to go to destination 2 if it leaves in 4 hours’
– > The List of your destinations.
” What are my destinations?”

The Airport Schedule button defines the common name of the airport or the 3-letter airport code. You can change this default to any name of your choice.

Support nearby airports through presets, define custom destinations. Predictable traffic
support – future output – board: real- time traffic is updated every 3min.

[email protected] for any problem, request or question.


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