ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator

ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator


20th Century Fox


English (CA)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, Open Alien Simulator"
"Alexa, tell Alien Simulator to Go North"
"Alexa, tell Alien Simulator to Open Datapad"


The Offworld Colony Simulator is a turn-based exploration game that challenges you to escape from the sectors of a locked down Weyland-Yutani Space Colony. The objective of the game is to escape as many colony sectors as possible before being trapped by the colony’s quarantine protocol, or falling prey to security hazards.

In order to escape a sector, you’ll need to collect two Override Keys. Override Keys are hidden in locked rooms throughout the colony. Once you collect two Override Keys, you can unlock the sector’s exit, and move onto the next sector. You will have a limited amount of security cycles (or turns) to escape each sector before you’re trapped by the colony’s quarantine protocol.

As you explore the colony’s sectors you’ll collect items and gear that will help you combat security hazards, and increase your vital stats:
– Health
– Inventory Capacity
– Cycle Count (Turns)

The game ends when you run out of cycles and are trapped within a sector, or you are killed by the colony’s security hazards.

Use the Character Sheets on or standard graph paper to help keep track of your progress. You can also track your progress within the game by accessing your Datapad. Just say “Open Datapad.”

Download Character Sheets and learn more about how to play The ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator at:


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