Alcohol Calculator

Alcohol Calculator


Kevin Masaryk


English (CA)

Activation Phrases

"Alexa, launch alc calc"
"Change units to plato"


This skill will calculate the alcohol content (ABV) of beer, mead, sake, wine, etc. based on the beginning and ending specific gravity, brix or plato. The skill works in conversational mode and will prompt you for input. Ask Alexa to open the skill with “Alexa, open alc calc” and then just say “calculate” and she’ll ask you for each input value.

You can also change the units between SG, brix and plato by saying “change units.” The units setting will be retained across invocations of the skill.

Note that all plato and brix calculations will be converted to/from SG to perform the actual ABV calculation. The “Lincoln” formula is used for unit conversions.

The following formula is used to determine ABV:

ABV = (76.08 * (OG-FG) / (1.775-OG)) * (FG / 0.794)


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