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Let the insights of the world’s first-ever programmer inspire you to think about machines, mathematics and the human mind differently.

The daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Byron, formally known as the Countess of Lovelace, was born in London on December 10, 1815. A gifted mathematician as a child, she later helped Charles Babbage in 1842-3 to translate the French notes of the Italian engineer Luigi Federico Menabrea into English. She not only translated his writings, she also made a number of invaluable annotations that resulted in the world’s first-ever example of step instructions for the operations of a computer.

This caused Charles Babbage to credit Ada Lovelace in his September 1843 letter to Michael Faraday, the inventor of the electric motor and discoverer of electromagnetism, like so: “So you will have to write another note so that Enchantress who has thrown her magical spell around the most abstract of Sciences and has grasped it with a force which few masculine intellects (in our country at least) could have exerted over it.”


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